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Make Fast Professional Joints with RAW Cones 

Smokers seeking a better way to roll the best possible joint should definitely check out RAW Cones. Made with premium materials, these slow-burning pre-rolled cones are the perfect vehicle for fresh herbal goodness. Recently, RAW has expanded its product lines. Now, the RAW Company offers a range of premium rolling cones!

Apart from the fact that these cones come in many sizes and materials, they’re also of impressive natural quality. Plus, RAW Cones are extraordinarily easy to use! To learn all about the impressive features of these cones, check out this review! Then, you can decide whether RAW Cones are perfect for your personal smoke sessions. 

The Classic Rolling Dilemma Has Been Solved 

For decades, smokers have had to overcome many challenges when enjoying fresh bud. Back in the day, creative solutions were constantly needed to access a great smoking session. From pages of books to pop cans, old-school smokers had to use their imagination to access a good smoke. 

However, with the legalization of marijuana in so many states, companies have been crafting better smoking solutions. Recently, many new products have started emerging to make smoking easier, more enjoyable, and better-tasting. Finally, rolling a tight slow burning joint is possible for just about everyone! 

As a matter of fact, these days, there are all kinds of products out there that can enhance your smoke sessions! With that in mind, RAW has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to helping out savvy stoners. Since the 90s, RAW has been helping everyone smoke up. 

The RAW Story 

So where did the RAW Company come from? Well, it all started back in the mid-1990s. At the time, RAW’s founder Josh Kesselman lived in Arizona. After seeing so many shoddy papers and underwhelming smoking accessories, he set out to change the game. Through founding RAW, he succeeded!

Soon, RAW was a booming business. Before long, Kesselman was even able to expand his product lines. Have you heard of Juicy Jay’s Flavored Wraps? These wraps are made by the same people who founded RAW! These days, RAW is still expanding and offers a plethora of fine products for smokers from all walks of life. 

The RAW name represents the fact that these papers are made with authentic organic materials. Indeed, RAW papers are some of the only vegan certified smoking accessories around! Organic, GMO-free, tobacco-free, and additive-free, these papers never have any harsh chemicals or bleach. Pure, genuine, and wholesome, they’re perfect for selective smokers. 

The Rise of Premium RAW Papers 

After just a few years, RAW Rolling Papers had risen in popularity across America. To improve production and material quality, Kesselman moved the company’s facilities to the picturesque mountains of Alcoy, Spain! Here, he continued producing premium RAW products year-round. 

Today, all RAW products are made with premium European hemp and other organic materials sourced directly from Europe. So, if high-quality rolling papers are something you’re interested in, the RAW product line is the perfect place to start!

Ingenious RAW Cones

Adding to an extensive lineup of premium wraps and papers, RAW Cones are the perfect joining rolling solution. Quick, easy, and effortless to smoke with, these pre-rolled cones are a true game-changer! In fact, they’re ideal for both smoking veterans and those rolling their first joint alike! 

To use RAW Cones, all you have to do is stuff them and twist the ends shut. Seriously, it’s that easy! Thus, if you’ve been on the market for a simple, clean, and great-tasting joint paper alternative, try RAW Cones. 

Handy Packing Straws to Help You Make Professional Joints 

Moreover, RAW Cones come with handy packing straws. Therefore, there’s very little guesswork involved when loading a cone. Additionally, these cones burn evenly and won’t overpower your terps. Also, these durable yet thin cones are ultra-portable. Truly, they’re a convenient and impressive option for anyone to appreciate! 

Best of all, RAW Cones give you premium tasting professional-looking joints. Like the pre-rolls you’d see at a dispensary, you can make tight and handy joints for any occasion! Consequently, if you love these pre-rolls, you can now save money making your own. As you let your creativity shine through, you’ll see just why these impressive pre-rolled cones are a smoker’s best friend! 

Types of RAW Cones

In addition to everything else that’s impressive about RAW Cones, these pre-rolls also come in a range of sizes and materials. First, there’s the Classic Cone. These classically sized cones come in both organic hemp and regular variants. 

Alternatively, for those seeking a mega joint, there are the larger Kings Cones. Similar to the Classic Cones, King Cones come in standard and hemp variations. For an authentic flavor that burns super slow, the hemp cones are an awesome choice. 

Where to Get RAW Cones Cheap

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