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Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Black Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Cherry Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Natural Blend 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Rum Cured 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Vanilla Cavendish 12oz Bag
Smoker's Pride Pipe Tobacco Whiskey Blend 12oz Bag

Smoker’s Pride Pipe Tobacco

We select the very best tobacco for your pipe and this amazing blend is nothing short of that! Smoker’s Pride Tobacco is created from a very rich blend of Cavendish leaf that will definitely give you the pride to smoke! This brand is manufactured by Scandinavian Tobacco that deals in some of the best cigars and pipe tobacco! This blend isn’t just the affordable choice but it is also very intense since you can find it in a huge variety of flavors! Sit back and relax with a puff of Whiskey pipe tobacco or satiate your sweet tooth with their delicious Cherry flavor. So many options, so many flavors and they all come in a bag of 12oz which you can find right here!


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