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Wild Hemp Wraps

For smokers who want to get the freshest flavor in the most wholesome possible way, Wild Hemp Wraps are hands-down the perfect go-to. These fresh and flavorful hemp wraps are made using only the finest ingredients! With natural pesticide-free hemp cultivated in Oregon and Colorado, they offer consistent quality and wholesome goodness like nothing else!

If that’s not enough, these wraps come at a great value. Each box contains 80 fresh wraps in 4-count pouches! They’re ideal for smokers on-the-go and are extremely easy to roll a blunt with. Since they naturally retain their shape, you can roll the perfect J at lightning speeds. In addition to this, they come with included filters for clean green hits every time. As such, you can smoke guilt-free and indulge your taste buds like never before!

For smokers who have been craving exceptional flavor during their cannabis sessions, Wild Hemp Wraps come in an array of mouth-watering flavors. Flavor options include Natural, Sweetz, Purpz, Island Twist, Tropical Buzz, and Limeade! Although the Natural flavor is ideal for those who want to taste nothing but terpene goodness, the other flavors are seriously amazing as well.

First off, there’s a refreshing Purpz flavor that drips with the taste of crisp sweet candy grape. Then, if you want to take a trip to a paradise, try the delightfully sweet fresh flavor of Island Twist or Tropical Buzz! The Island Twist flavor tastes like Pina Colada while the Tropical Twist flavor tastes of fresh sweet mangoes. Finally, there's the tart and refreshing Limeade flavor with hints of real citrus!

To try these wholesome slow-burning tobacco-free hemp wraps for yourself, order them at Discount Little Cigars! We offer pure Wild Hemp Wraps at unbeatable online prices and have fast nationwide delivery. Since we sell Wild Hemp Wraps at close to wholesale prices, you’ll get the best value around!

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