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High Hemp Wraps

With Hemp Wellness on the rise, there’s no better time than now to switch up the way you consume your herb. So if you’re looking to go green and clean, then High Hemp Wraps are a perfect product to start with, especially if you’re still breaking down tobacco-based cigars!

Not to hate on the old way, but the truth is, times have changed, it’s all about keeping it natural, the way nature intended it to be. With this in mind, we proudly present to you High Hemp Wraps, the world’s first 100% Pure Hemp Wrap!

Proudly grown in the Netherlands from premium, high-quality Hemp, these bad boys are original in every sense of the word. Plus, they’re organic; therefore they include no preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, growth stimulants, GMO, or toxic fertilizers. Not to mention, they’re proudly vegan-approved.

In addition to all those juicy details, High Hemp Wraps also come in a variety of unique and original flavors including Bare Berry, Blazin’ Cherry, Dutch Cream, Grapeade, Honey Pot Swirl, Hydro Lemonade, Maui Mango, Pineapple Paradise, and of course, Original. So as you can see, we have several authentic flavors to choose from, no excuses not to try.

Furthermore, we offer all nine flavors in bulk… at bulk prices as well. That’s right; we carry 25-pack boxes of 2 (50 Filtered Tip Wraps) for a price that drives our competition crazy! But then again, it’s all about YOU! So naturally, you get the best deals every time you shop online with us, guaranteed. Plus, we offer nationwide delivery, making it another win-win for you!

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