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The Best Tobacco Brands And Blends Available

Do you know what makes buying pipe tobacco so exciting and different? Trying out different tobacco brands, blends, and flavors! 

Nowadays, there are many tobacco flavors on the market. That said, we’ll go over the most influential RYO and pipe tobacco brands available for purchase online.   

As we all know, it can get a little overwhelming at times as new blends and flavors are always coming out. This goes to show us how popular and innovative the roll-your-own market is becoming! 

Best Selling Tobacco Brands and Blends 

For beginners, it can be difficult to figure out which flavor to try. On that note, we’ve compiled an extensive list of the best-selling pipe tobacco brands, blends, and flavors available.

In terms of sales, the brands mentioned in this guide are considered to be the most popular on the market. After all, numbers don’t lie! 

1. 4 Aces Tobacco 

4 Aces Tobacco blends come in several different variants, including Gold, Menthol, Turkish, and Silver. It’s a long-time American favorite with mellow and satisfying flavors. Available in both 6oz and 16oz packages for your convenience. Overall, this brand offers a smoking experience that’s great for new and old-timers! 

Variants include Gold, Menthol, Regular, Silver, and Turkish. 4 Aces is mostly used for RYO cigarettes. 

2. 752 Degrees Tobacco 

This brand of pipe tobacco is known for being full-bodied and burning at an even consistency. It’s made from a blend of American grown tobacco leaves and has a taste that can only be described as authentic and iconic. 

Variants include Green, Silver, and Gold, and it comes in 6oz and 16oz packets. 752 is mostly used for RYO cigarettes. 

3. American Club Tobacco

Speaking of American classics, you can’t forget the incredibly popular American Club Tobacco. Not only does it have a sweet yet refreshing scent, but it also features an even cut, which smokers appreciate because it rolls easy. 

American Club has many variants including Vanilla, Peach, and Grape, and is available in the standard 6oz and 16oz packages. American Club Tobacco is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

4. Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco

Named after a legendary lighthouse on the Northern Sea, Borkum Riff is Danish tobacco that has a sweet whiskey-like flavor. Available in 5-count packages and 7oz cans that seal in moisture and freshness so that it retains its quality to the very end.

Variants include Bourbon Whiskey, Cherry Liqueur, and Original. Borkum Riff is strictly used for pipe tobacco as this is not a great option for RYO cigarettes.  

5. Buckhorn Tobacco

Made from American grown tobacco leaves, Buckhorn Tobacco is a famous brand known for its satisfying and aromatic qualities. 

It should also be mentioned that finding this flavor in stores tends to be difficult, making it a popular choice for those who purchase tobacco online. 

What also sets Buckhorn apart is the consistency of its quality. Since the tobacco leaves are harvested when they are at their very best, Buckhorn always offers a top-tier smoking experience. 

Variants include Mint, Max, and Smooth variations, and come in 16oz packets. Buckhorn Tobacco is strictly used for pipe tobacco as this is not a great option for RYO cigarettes.

6. Buoy Tobacco

Buoy Tobacco is another all-American tobacco blend that’s known for three things, quality, incredible flavor, and affordability. It also comes in stylish packaging and is proudly one of the highest-rated tobacco brands on the market today. 

Buoy Tobacco is made from a combination of Kentucky Burley and Virginia flue-cured leaves giving it a consistent full-bodied smoke. 

You can get this brand in several variations such as Silver, Mint Green and Natural Yellow, and it comes in both 6oz and 16oz bags. Buoy Tobacco is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

7. Farmer’s Gold Tobacco

Extremely popular in the US, Farmer’s Gold Tobacco is known for both its consistency and quality. It’s made from Kentucky Burley and Virginia flue-cured tobacco leaves like Buoy and has a fresh, crisp flavor. 

Available in the following variations: Natural, Menthol, Red, and Smooth. Farmer’s Gold is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

You can enjoy this brand in both 6oz and 16oz packages.

8. High Card Tobacco

Another Burley and Virginia blend, High Card Tobacco uses both air-cured and flue-cured tobacco leaves giving it its distinctly smooth flavor. 

On top of this, High Card is manufactured with the greatest care before packaging, making it extremely easy to handle. 

As with several other pipe tobacco flavors on this list, it can be hard to find High Card in local smoke shops, making it a go-to choice for those who purchase tobacco online. 

You can get High Card Tobacco in Mellow, Mint, or Regular variations, and it comes in 5oz and 12oz packaging.

9. Largo Tobacco

Largo Tobacco is a unique blend in the fact that it’s made for those who enjoy spending time in the wilderness. 

Whether you’re into fishing, hunting, or camping, Largo tobacco is the perfect brand to take with you thanks to its all-natural flavors. Another factor that sets this brand apart is that it provides a premium quality smoking experience at affordable prices. 

Largo Tobacco comes in Bold, Gold, Menthol, Regular, and Sun Grown variants, and is available in 6oz and 16oz packets.

10. Middletons Pipe Tobacco

If Middletons could be described in one word, it would be “legendary.” This is because this brand of authentic pipe tobacco has been around for over a hundred years! 

The reason Middletons has lasted so long is that it was one of the original cherry tobacco blends and even went on to inspire other popular tobacco products such as Black and Mild cigars. 

With its sweet and pure flavor reminiscent of tart cherries, Middletons is a brand enjoyed by both new and veteran smokers alike.

Unlike most other brands on this list, Middletons only comes in one variant: Middleton’s Cherry Blend, and is only available in 6 1.5oz packs. 

11. The Good Stuff

As we all know, The Good Stuff Tobacco is really, the Good Stuff! Made by Privateer Tobacco Co., The Good Stuff is blended with all-natural Cavendish & Burley tobacco, which provides a premium smoking experience!

In addition to quality, The Good Stuff is also rich in flavor, super affordable, widely available, and the best-selling RYO pipe tobacco on the market, by far! So if you’re looking for a premium tobacco blend without busting the bank then we suggest switching to the Good Stuff today!

Available in 1lb and 6oz bags, this good stuff comes in Gold, Menthol Gold, Menthol, Natural, Full-Flavor, & Silver. This brand is mostly used for rolling your own cigarettes.

12. Red River Tobacco

This rough-cut blend of RYO tobacco is known for its distinctive smooth yet rich flavor. Even though Red River Tobacco is considered by some to be a “budget” brand, it’s still very highly rated in terms of quality! 

This makes it incredibly cost-effective, and one of the best values that you can get for your money. The large 1lb resealable bags that it comes in helps maintain freshness, adding to the value you get with this particular brand. 

The packages come in both 6oz and 16oz, and three variants: Cool Mint, Original, and Smooth. Red River Tobacco is mostly used for rolling your own cigarettes.

13. Signal Tobacco

Another pipe tobacco that offers excellent quality at an affordable price is Signal Tobacco. Grown, cut, and refined in New York state, this brand places a strong focus on authenticity and honoring the Native American culture from which it originates. 

In fact, this is probably one of the closest brands to the style of tobacco that the Native Americans first smoked thousands of years ago. 

Signal Tobacco comes in three varieties: Classic, Menthol, and Smooth. Unlike most brands on this list, Signal is only available in 16oz packages.

14. Smokin’ G Tobacco

Smokin’ G Tobacco is an interesting brand due to the fact that it has 10 total flavors to choose from, a much larger selection than most brands. 

The 10 flavors are Freedom Pure, Fresh Mint, Red Robust, Robust Blue, Robust Copper, Smooth Crimson, Smooth Golden, Smooth Platinum, Turkish Mellow, and Turkish Straight. 

Regardless of which flavor you choose, Smokin’ G Tobacco comes in resealable bags to lock in freshness for a consistently bold yet consistent smoke. Packages come in 8oz only. This brand is best used for RYO cigarettes.

15. Southern Steel Tobacco

Southern Steel Tobacco is manufactured using very specific processes that refine and enhance its overall quality. 

The careful cuts eliminate stems and allow for an even burn every time. As you may have guessed from the name, Southern Steel is made from a Virginia flue-cured blend, though some flavors use Kentucky Burley. 

You can get Southern Steel in Maximum, Maximum Menthol, Steel Mellow, and Ultra Smooth. All variants except Ultra Smooth come in both 6oz and 15oz bags. Ultra Smooth only comes in 15oz bags. This brand is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

16. Super Value Pipe Tobacco

Though it’s called “super value,” this brand of pipe tobacco isn’t the cheapest item on this list. Despite this, it does offer a very high-quality smoking experience, giving you exceptional value for your dollar. 

Super Value comes in a wide variety of flavors such as Amaretto, Black and Gold, BlackCavendish, Bourbon Whiskey, Buttered Rum, Cherry Cavendish, English Mixture, Natural Cavendish, Peach, Ultra-Light, Vanilla, and Whiskey Cavendish.

Packaging for Super Value Pipe Tobacco includes 12oz bags and six-packs. Also, this brand is enjoyed mostly in pipes as the tobacco is super moist. 

17. Talon Tobacco

With an aggressive name like Talon, you would probably expect this brand to feature bold, rich flavors. And you would be correct. 

Indeed, Talon Tobacco is made with a blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco leaves and offers a straightforward smoke for those who just want the real deal without anything fancy. 

In keeping with the theme of keeping things simple, Talon Tobacco comes in only three varieties: Regular, Menthol, and Silver. 

The 9oz packages are stored in resealable pouches to keep the product fresh to the last pinch. Talon is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

18. Tin Star Tobacco

Another brand that focuses on being straightforward and pure is Tin Star Tobacco. Aiming to give you a taste of the old west, this brand features thin, ribbon-cut strands of tobacco that are slightly moistened for an authentic, satisfying smoke. 

Variations of Tin Star include Gold, Regular, and Menthol. Unlike most of the other brands on this list, Tin Star comes in smaller packaging, offering 3oz and 8oz resealable bags, making it a good choice for when you’re on the go. This brand is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

19. Velvet Pipe Tobacco

As the name implies, Velvet Pipe Tobacco is a brand that focuses on giving you a smoke that’s thick, rich, smooth, and of course, satisfying! 

Made with premium, all-natural Kentucky Burley, Velvet carries a distinctly-aged flavor and a nice slow burn. In terms of flavor, this good stuff features genuine hints of light cherries, anise, and licorice!

Velvet Pipe Tobacco doesn’t come in multiple flavor variants like other brands; however, it does come in convenient 12oz cans and 1.5oz packs. This brand is also best for pipe smoking only.  

20. Wildhorse Tobacco

Wildhorse Tobacco is known for a variety of features, most notably the consistency of its cuts. This allows for a smooth, even-burning smoke every time while you enjoy a rich, robust flavor. 

Available in three variations, Smooth, Menthol, and Regular. Wildhorse is a brand that never disappoints, that’s why it concludes our Top 20 List. 

Also, Wildhorse Tobacco comes in 6oz or 16oz bags, depending on your tobacco needs. This brand is mostly used for RYO cigarettes.

Find New Favorites or Smoke Them All

Being a pipe tobacco/ RYO enthusiast is always an experience to remember. With so many brands, blends, and flavors out there to try, it’s a hobby that never gets old. 

While the top sellers are top sellers for a reason, you don’t have to take our word for it. Try the ones that sound the most interesting to you, or even try them all if you want. There are no limits when it comes to discovering new and exciting tobacco flavors.

On that note, there’s nothing stopping you from combining flavors. If you find out that you really enjoy two flavors, and are curious as to how they’d taste together, then go for it. You may just find the perfect custom blend you’ve always been looking for, the possibilities are endless! 

Lastly, don’t forget to spread the love! When you find a flavor that you really enjoy, share it with others. Also, keep in mind, don’t forget to tell your friends and family where you bought your tobacco online! Welcome to! Thanks for reading, now let’s have a smoke! home