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Ultimate Cigarillo Brand and Flavor Guide 

If you’ve been looking for the best cigarillo brands and flavors, then indeed you’ve come to the right spot. These days, cigarillos come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. From fruity flavors to rough-cut all-natural cigars, there’s a cigarillo flavor and style for everyone! 

However, finding the perfect cigarillo can be a bit of a challenge. After all, with so many amazing flavors and brands on the market, hunting down your perfect cigarillo match isn’t always an easy task! 

For this reason, we’ve created an in-depth cigarillo brand and flavor guide. In this helpful cigarillo smokers guide, you’ll find some of the best cigarillo brands, flavors, and blends sold in America. 

That way, you can skip the frustration of buyers’ regret and spend more time relaxing with your favorite cigarillos! So without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?! 

cigarillo brands

Why America Loves Cigarillos

Cigarillos are perfect for all smokers, especially ganja smokers! Unlike cigarettes, cigarillos come in a wide range of mouth-watering flavors! Plus, they’re made with premium blends of pure tobacco leaves! 

On the other hand, some cigarillos are made with pipe smokers in mind. These sweet cigarillos can be extremely convenient for pipe smokers on the move. 

For cigar smokers, cigarillos offer a delicious and inexpensive fix anytime, anywhere. Smaller and easier to smoke than cigars, cigarillos are the perfect go-between for a range of reasons!

Now, let’s keep it real, most cigarillos are purchased by bud smokers! So if that’s you, then let it be clear, this article was written with you in mind. 

USA Cigarillos

What to Consider When Choosing a Cigarillo Brand 

Before you can find your favorite cigarillo, you’ll first want to know all about your options. After all, there are several brand names out there nowadays! With unique differences, no two cigarillo brands are exactly the same. 

Unfortunately, there are just too many to list in this article; however, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction! 

Popular Cigarillo Brands

Hand’s down; when it comes to brand recognition, options, and history, Swisher Sweets and Black & Mild Cigars are both industry-leading brands. 

These popular and well-known brands are a great go-to if you’re looking for quality, flavor, consistency, and affordability! In fact, the tobacco roots behind Swisher Sweets stretch all the way back to 1861! Alternatively, Black & Mild tobacco products first hit cigar shops over 100 years ago! 

So as you can see, when it comes to history and credibility, these two brands hold weight. Not to mention, Game Cigars by Garcia y Vega, Backwoods, and Dutch Masters are all popular options as well. 

Black & Mild Cigars

Unique Cigarillo Brands 

In terms of uniqueness, 4 Kings by Good Times, Avanti, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigars, White Cat, Frontier Cheroots, and Fiesta Cigarillos are all great options! 

In many cases, these lesser-known cigarillo brands offer a range of delicious flavors most smokers never heard of, as you can see via the links above!  

Until now, many of these unique brands were hard to find, which is why we recommend buying your cigarillos online! 

That’s right; online smoke shops such as the one you’re at now, provide smokers with an array of options to select from, such as the brands mentioned above. 

Throwback Cigars

New Brands and Flavors 

Speaking of new brands, there are several hitting the shelves every year. For example, Throwback Natural Leaf Cigarillos, Frontier Cheroot Cigars, Show Broadleaf Cigarillos, and Dutch Leaf by Dutch Masters to name a few!

In terms of flavors, Backwoods, Swisher, White Owl, Optimo, Game Leaf, and Dutch Masters all are known for releasing new flavors on a regular basis. Therefore, if you’re looking for new flavors to try, then we recommend starting with those brands.  

Dutch Leaf

Cigarillo Tobacco Blend and Filler Options

As you search for the perfect cigarillo brand, one of the most important things to think about is the tobacco blend, which can vary in strength, smoothness, and flavor. 

Generally, cigarillo makers use a variety of tobacco including Virginia, Kentucky Burley, or Cuban-seed tobacco short fillers. Plus, all-natural leaf wrappers are super popular nowadays a well, and for a good reason! If you smoke, then you know! 

Cigarillo Wrapper Options

Another thing to think about is the type of wrapper your cigarillo features. Natural leaf wrappers are by far one of the most popular options in the United States, The Caribbean, and Europe. 

These natural leaf cigarillos burn smooth, slow, and offer rich-tasting and creamy undertones, which would explain their popularity!         

Top-rated American natural leaf cigarillo options include Backwoods, Game Leaf, Garcia y Vega Natural Leaf, Dutch Leaf, Marsh Wheeling, Show BK, among many others. 

Using genuine, all-natural leaf wrappers, these cigarillos are rugged in appearance, yet smooth, well-balanced, superior tasting, affordable, and best of all, 100% satisfying! 

If natural leaf cigarillos aren’t your thing, then there are always homogenized wrapper cigarillos to select from. Homogenized wrapper cigarillos are made from a blend of finely cut, pressed, and processed tobacco leaves to create a smooth and even burn. 

In Many cases, these machine-made cigars are slightly less expensive than natural leaf variants. The difference is obviously in the quality. 

Russian Cream Dutch Masters

Original Tobacco Cigarillo Flavors

First off, let’s talk about all original signature tobacco flavors. These original cigarillos are pure and straightforward. With No Nonsense profiles, they allow you to savor every single tobacco note. 

Straightforward cigarillo flavors usually sport names like Diamond, Platinum, Pure, Gold, Silver, Straight, Natural Leaf, and Original. So if you’re not into all the fruity stuff, then you’ll definitely want to keep these names in mind. 

Luscious Fruity Cigarillo Profiles

On the flip side, you might prefer sweet, yet fruity flavor profiles. Indeed, these notes can enhance a tobacco blend by offering a distinctive infusion of sweet flavors. 

Common fruit flavors found in cigarillos include Grape, Watermelon, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Peach, Blackberry, White Grape, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Cherry to name just a few!  

Also, many cigarillo Brands offer flavor infusions with a range of mixed fruit flavors. These include favors like Tropical, Island Escape, Mango Pineapple, Mixed Berry, and so on. Mixed flavors are great for those who prefer complex and indulgent smoke sessions!  

Show Cigars

Dessert and Beverage Cigarillo Flavors

Last but not least, there are dessert and beverage theme cigarillo flavors. These are an all-time favorite among smokers! 

With flavors like cognac, honeyberry, cinnamon roll, and wine, you can easily detect the rich and refreshing nuances in your smoke. 

For creamy refreshing flavors, Russian Cream or Rum cigarillos are a wonderful choice. Or, for a fresh fruity mix, flavors like Mojito Blackberry, Strawberry Daiquiri, or Pina Colada are great choices! 

Game Cigarillos

Our List of the Best Cigarillos to Try 

In this section, we’ll go over each of these brands individually. We’ll also discuss the top flavor options from each brand. From there, you can decide for yourself which delicious cigarillos to try next! 

Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods cigars are one of the best-selling cigars in the United States, there’s no question about it. But then again, if you smoke, you know! As for those who smoke, but never tried, then now is the time to learn more! 

Indeed, these delicious top-quality machine-made cigarillos have been carefully crafted with a signature blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban-seed tobacco and wrapped with an all-natural Connecticut broadleaf tobacco wrapper for added flavor and character. 

With real natural tobacco wrappers, these cigarillos are rustic and rugged in appearance. They provide an unfinished head and cheroot style aesthetic. 

This yields an all-American Wild West feel. Plus, with natural leaf binders, the sweet aromatic Caribbean tobacco in each cigarillo truly allows this brand to stand out above others! 

Backwoods cigarillo flavors include Black & Sweet, Black Russian, Dark Leaf, Honey Bourbon, Original, Sweet Aromatic, Honey Bourbon, Regular Honey, Honey Berry, Russian Cream, Dark Stout, and Wild Rum! 

Backwoods Cigars

4 Kings Cigarillos

Despite being around for a while, 4 Kings Cigarillos by Good Times are just now blowing up in terms of popularity. 

Often referred to as 4K’s, these cigarillos feature an exquisite blend of Central American tobacco leaves, which are finely cut and infused with exotic and scrumptious flavors! 

Smooth and gratifying, 4K cigarillos are quickly rising in popularity across the continental US. Likely, this is because they’re affordable, flavorful, smooth, and come with 4 Kings per pack! So, if you enjoy rich and robust cigarillo flavors at an affordable price, then 4 Kings is a good brand to consider. 

When it comes to flavor options, you won’t be disappointed. Indeed, flavor options include Watermelon, Watermelon Grape, Sweet Delicious, Raspberry Tea, Sour Apple, Platinum UnSweet, Melon Berry, Napa Grape, Mango, Kiwi Berry, French Vanilla, Cherry Pineapple, Blueberry Pineapple, Diamond, and many more! 

4k cigars

Dutch Masters Cigarillos

If you love deliciously mellow tobacco flavors, Dutch Masters cigarillos are a great choice. In each Dutch, you’ll find a mellow blend of fresh Cuban seed short filler tobacco and rich, authentic, all-natural flavors! For this reason, these uniquely crafted cigarillos are a top-notch, top-rated option in the USA! 

Dutch Masters is without a doubt, one of the best-selling machine-made cigars ever produced. Not only are they popular and well-known, but they’re also a well-established brand known for making premium, yet affordable, cigars and cigarillos! 

A few of the most popular Dutch Masters flavors include Chocolate, Grape, Blue Dream Fusion, Palma (Vanilla Dutch), Honey Fusion, Corona, Rum Fusion, Berry Fusion, Java Fusion, and De Luxe. Plus, we can’t forget to mention Dutch Leaf, which comes in Pure Tobacco, Real Sweet, and Ripe Berry! 

Dutch Masters Cigars

Swisher Sweets Cigarillos 

As we all know, when it comes to brand recognition and credibility, none other than Swisher Sweets come to mind. But then again, this brand is an industry leader, and has been for over a century! 

Swisher Sweets come in an extensive range of flavor options. These include flavors like Diamond, Cherry, Grape, Regular, Aromatic, Sweet Leaf Original, Mini Diamond, Swisher Leaf Honey, Menthol, Tropical Fusion, Silver, and tons more. 

Swisher Sweets

White Owl Cigarillos 

Another long-standing brand is White Owl. Like Swishers, this brand is an industry powerhouse and has been since 1887. So if you’re looking for a well-established brand that releases awesome new flavors all the time, then White Owl is a premium option worth trying! 

White Owl cigarillos come in exciting flavors such as Black, Blackberry Mojito, Spiked Lemonade, Emerald, Fireworks, Grape, Green Sweets, Honey, Honey Bourbon, Jamaican Me Happy, Mango, Blue Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, and Coconut Rum. 

Moreover, the White Owl cigarillo brand is known for creating a range of mouth-watering dual flavor combinations. These include Chocolate Vanilla Swirl, Duos Berries, Duos Coconut & Rum, Duos Mango & Pineapple, Duos Strawberry Lemonade, Pairs Dark & White Chocolate, and the list goes on! 

White Owl Cigars

Game Cigarillos 

Known for being authentic and great-tasting, Game cigarillos by Garcia y Vega come in a range of flavors. Plus, they come at an awesome value and are a great choice for smokers seeking superiority and affordability!

Game cigarillos, come in flavors like Grape, Green, Honey, Mango, Pineapple, Sweets, Peach, Diamond, and Blue. As for Game Leaf, these all-natural cigarillos come in Black Cherry, Cognac, Mango, Natural, Pineapple, Sweet Aromatic, White Peach, White Russian, and Wild Berry.

Regarding Garcia y Vega 1882 cigarillos, they’re naturally wrapped in real tobacco leaves for deliciously sweet and creamy slow-burning smoothness. These delicious cheroot-style cigarillos come in flavors like Bourbon, Honey Berry, Irish Cream, Sweet Aromatic, and Natural. 

Game Cigars

Black & Mild Cigars

Famous for offering a signature blend of cavendish tobacco, Black & Mild cigars are a delicious treat for any smoker to enjoy. These cigarillos also come in a range of different tip options as well. 

You can choose from options like Plastic Tip or Wood Tipped cigarillos! Manufactured in the United States, these smooth and mellow cigarillos offer all-around enjoyment with a delicious fragrance. 

Best of all, Black & Mild cigars are the perfect choice for pipe smokers who need something to keep their cravings satisfied on the go! Furthermore, they come in convenient and easy-to-carry packs. Not to mention, they’re the best-selling tipped cigar ever produced. 

Black & Mild cigars are known for their creamy and smooth flavors. Top-rated flavors include Smooth Tip Select, Signature, Original, Wine, Jazz, Middleton’s Cherry Blend, Wood Tip Original, Gold & Mild, Apple, Casino, and Sweet. 

Black & Mild Cigars

Our Final Thoughts 

All in all, if you’re ready to sample some of these delicious cigarillos, we’ve got your back. We’ve added several links that’ll take you directly to these brands and more. 

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With discount prices, as the name suggests, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite cigarillo brands and flavors, all while saving money! Go ahead, check it for yourself and experience the difference! home