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If you’re looking for an authentic, handcrafted chewing tobacco alternative to quit tobacco dip without giving up what you love, then Baccoff is the brand you should be spiting! However, this good dip is afe to swallow as it’s 100% tobacco and nicotine free!

That’s right; Backoff is made with tea or mint leaf base and hight-quality FDA approved ingredients! With 20+ years in the business of crafting the perfect alternative snuff, this is one brand name that deserve top recognition as they’ve perfected the best tobacco-free dip on the market today! Plus, this good stuff comes in a variety of cuts and flavors!

In fact, Baccoff comes in pouches, fine cut, and rough cut. Also, available in flavors such as coffee, wintergreen, original, mint, peach, straight, natural, apple blend, and energized. So as you see, there are many falvor options available, you just have to choose the one that inspires you and make it happen!

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