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Richmonde Little Cigars

Produced by Ohserase Manufacturing in Akwesasne, New York, Richmonde Filters are indeed one of the best-selling native-made little cigars sold on the market today! Not only are they a top-performer in terms of sales, but they’re also super affordable.

So if you’re a cigarette smoker that’s thinking about giving it up because of increasing prices, then, by all means, Richmonde Filtered Cigars a try! Indeed, these bad boys are more satisfying than a cigarette, so they last longer. Plus they’re slow and clean-burning, unlike standard, expensive state-taxed cigarettes!

With this in mind, pick up a carton of Richmonde Filters from Discount Little Cigars and start smoking more responsibly! Richmonde comes in Regular, Lights, Menthol, and its signature Peach flavor! So whatever you’re into, we’ve got you covered, guaranteed


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