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Packs In Carton : 10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Made In : USA
Manufacturer : Farmers Tobacco
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Packs In Carton : 10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Flavor : Menthol
Little Cigar Length : 3 1/4
Quantity : 200 Little Cigars

Chisum Cigars are made of a perfect blend of mostly dark tobacco with an all-natural tobacco wrapper that boosts the aroma and taste of the cigar. Chisum filtered cigars offer an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy a flavorful cigar experience whenever and wherever. Enjoy a satisfying smoke with a long burn at an affordable price.

Chisum filtered cigars are manufactured by Farmers Tobacco based in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Chisum offers high quality smoke through its wide range of flavored cigars. They come in Vanilla, Cherry, Light, Full Flavor and Menthol. Just choose your favorite smooth, aromatic rich flavor and enjoy a pocketful of good smokes.


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