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38 Special Little Cigars Original Box
38 Special Little Cigars Original Box
38 Special Little Cigars Original Box

38 Special Filtered Cigars - Original 100

10 Packs of 20 Cigars
Lake Erie Tobacco

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John M on 10/13/2018
Great product, price, and service. That is why I continue to be a customer for years.

james p on 09/17/2018

ken u on 12/05/2018
Great product at a great price

George M on 01/27/2019
I ordered a variety of filtered cigarillos some time ago and settled on 38 Specials as the one I liked best. Since then my wife and I have both enjoyed them. She smokes them exclusively while I like them as a quick smoke between my pipes and cigars. They are mild, sweet and tasty. My only complaint is that in almost every pack there is one that has a small hole in the side. Not a big tear but a little hole that I'm guessing has to do with the way they are machine made and packaged. It's just enough to keep them from drawing properly and requires the proper placement of a finger to get the smoke out. But they're inexpensive so it doesn't keep me from ordering them again. I have to say that the other brands we tried have the same flaw. It has to do with the way they are made. We like them.

Jason R on 12/15/2018
Who makes the product and what’s in it?

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