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Dutch Cigarillos Blue Dream Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Blue Dream Fusion
Dutch Cigarillos Blue Dream Fusion

Produced in Puerto Rico, USA, Dutch Master Blue Dream Fusion Cigarillos are unique, original, and blended with pure craftsmanship. Not to mention, these bad boys are one of the most popular flavors of the year! Plus, they’re quickly becoming a US top-seller! 

With these facts in mind, here’s why these cigars are a top pick. First, Blue Dream Fusion Cigarillos are made with premium, hand-selected Cuban-seed tobacco, so naturally, they’re authentic and original tasting. Second, these sticks are wrapped with an organic leaf wrapper, ensuring that they burn slow, just as you’d expect them to. Last but not least, the flavor of these cigars are on point. 

Speaking of flavor, Blue Dream Fusion Cigarillos feature faint hints of cream and strong notes of vanilla. In fact, after giving them a try, we must say, they taste a lot like a Silver Dutch, but better! In addition to that, they come in a 30-count box and ship nationwide. With this in mind, pick up a box of Dutch Masters today and we’ll be on our way.

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